Farmer Street Pantry
Contact: Lynne Delle Pelle Pascale
Address: 326 Farmer Street Syracuse, NY, 13203
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About Us
Farmer Street Pantry brings a fresh tradition to your home with unique, orchard-inspired specialty foods. The apples, cherries, wine, maple syrup, and cider used in our recipes are from Central New York producers. We manufacture our products at Nelson Farms, a SUNY Morrisville shared-use facility located outside of Cazenovia

Our historic inspirations are also locally sourced. Did you know that for almost one hundred years, from 1885 to 1981, Syracuse was home to the nation’s largest mincemeat brand, None Such? Other mincemeat companies and factories were also found along the Erie Canal, in Port Byron and Chittenango. Our mission at FSP is to revitalize this wonderful, fruit-filled product for modern tastes and to inspire appreciation for CNY’s local food, past, present, and future.
We are proud and honored to be one of only four winners of the 2020 SBA Award of Excellence winners for Onondaga County. Check our website for recipes and our Facebook and Instagram posts for preparation ideas.