Sweet Grass Meats
Address: 290 Bassett Rd Naples, NY, 14512
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About Us
Leith MacKenzie started Sweet Grass Meats in 2005. Leith manages the land and the livestock, coordinates with our butcher and feed suppliers, and takes good care of all our customers. Mary Kate MacKenzie joined the farm in 2019 as the bookkeeper and business manager.

The farm is truly a family affair. Leith's parents Malcolm and Drury MacKenzie make the maple syrup and help with farm chores and haying. We are lucky to have the support and encouragement of all Leith's siblings and their spouses and partners.
We rotationally graze cattle and sheep to sustainably manage 280 acres of pasture in Naples, NY. In the process, we raise some of the tastiest and healthiest local beef and lamb you can find. We practice management-intensive rotational grazing, which means we move livestock to fresh pasture at least once a day, sometimes more, during the grazing season. Our fields get 5 to 8 weeks of rest between grazing rotations. This management strategy produces healthy soils, productive pastures, and high quality feed for our livestock.