Triple Green Jade Farm
Address: 624 Mountain View Drive Willsboro, NY, 12996
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About Us
The Breadery
What started as a small home business in a converted garage has grown into a place where delicious and nutritious breads and crackers are baked known as “The Breadery.”
Triple Green Jade Farm is made up of 80 acres of southerly facing pastures with riverfront on the Boquet River. Our silty, clay loam soils are well-suited for legumes and pasture grasses. We currently grow and cut hay.
As the Breadery expands, our next operation involves increasing the soil health of our pastures with a grass-based micro-dairy.
We have one of the first modern milking parlors to have been built in Essex County in our barn. We plan to graze Jersey cows and Icelandic sheep and make full use of the barn once restored.
We bought the land in 2014 and we’ve been working hard on bringing it back to life ever since. The road is long and the renovations seem never-ending, but when the sunflowers bloom, they melt away the difficulties that come from entrepreneurship, because in the end, we know this farm is worth all of our sacrifices.
All good things take time and we will be here continually improving the health of our soils, the ecology of the farm and the nourishment of a community we are privileged to serve.