Drover Hill Farm
Contact: Rob and Megan Wilcox
Address: 642 Wilcox Rd West Edmeston, NY, 13485
Email Address:
Phone: 315-256-7626
About Us
At Drover Hill Farm, we are a family-ran farm, and our mission is to promote the health and welfare of our land, our animals, our customers, and our family.

We raise animals in pastures, free from chemicals, mistreatment, and the environmental harm associated with the industrial food chain. We farm following regenerative farming principles and practices.
We strive to create a pasture-based ecosystem that works with nature and honors its abundance. We strive to provide the most natural, stress-free, pasture-based life possible for our livestock, so they live happy lives, just as nature intended. Our pigs and chickens
are 100% non-GMO. All animals never receive any hormones, antibiotics, are raised ethically, and rotationally grazed using Regenerative Principles.

Our goal is to provide the peace of mind that comes from having a direct relationship with a farmer you can know and trust.